Which pubs are open today?

All our pubs are open every day, but some don’t open until 4pm during the week so always best to check the pub’s opening times. But never Christmas Day.

That’s 364 days of craft beer, awesome pizza and live sport.

Which pubs allow dogs?

All of the them.  Woop woop, or should we say woof woof.

Can pubs show 3pm matches?

Basically, no. Matches that are due to be played between 3pm – 5pm on a Saturday in both the Premier League and Football League cannot be legally broadcast on English TV so that people are encouraged to attend the matches.

The exception to the rule is the final day of the league season; games are broadcast on Sky TV.

What pubs are near me?

The best question. To find out your closest Frontier Pub, visit our pub finder.

What is Caputo 00 flour?

We use Caputo 00 in all our pizzas for a very good reason; it’s the best around.

Caputo 00 has a lower gluten content than alternatives and is finely ground (00 refers to the texture of the flour as is the case amongst all Italian flour). This combination lowers elasticity in the dough to create a crispy base.

Check out our pizza menu to see what we top our Caputo 00 with.

Doin' it for the kids

We love kids, but we love adults too.

Each pub is slightly different so best to check with the pub but a general rule of thumb is about 8pm (can be 7pm in some, 9pm in others) we ask all kids – that’s under 18’s, to leave the premises however well behaved they are, quietly they are sat or close to being 18 they are.

It’s as much to do with safeguarding under 18’s as it is about adults feeling comfortable in an adult environment.


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