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Typically we'll have a dozen beers to choose from and we know there's way more to beer life than pale ales. Expect sours, porters in winter and some hand crafted cider too.

Try Riptide, our own label, unfiltered, 4% pilsner and 3.8% session IPA brewed in partnership with the Harbour Brewing Company, down in Cornwall.

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Click & Collect Pizza

Find your local; order and collect your pizzas, and cans of beer of course!


We serve great beer.
We're host to household names who were once micro brewers, some usual suspects that are loved by many (vilified by a few) and newcomers that reset the bar. Always beers that taste ace.

Here are some favourites that might well be on our bars at the moment!

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A daily selection of 3 x third pints handpicked by our team for 4.50

Frontier Pubs - Craft Beer - Live Sport - Beer taps